Outreach with Astronomy Live!

I have been volunteering with Astronomy Live! since its inception in 2009, and have participated in and helped to run more than ten outreach events both on the UCLA campus and at schools across Los Angeles.

The Life of the Sun in Comic Form:

Sun Comic Where did our sun come from, and what is its fate?

Print this fun color-your-own mini comic to learn more about the birth and ultimate death of our solar system!

Click on the image to the left to download a pdf comic with instructions for folding it into a mini-book.

Build A Comet:

Making Comets What is a comet, and what are they made out of?

One of the main outreach activities I have worked with is an interactive demonstration on how one might make a comet.

The original source of this activity comes from a classic outreach activity developed by NASA and NOAO.

I have adapted this activity for a range of audiences, from elementary to high school students, including a full lab exercise for an 8th grade physical science class which can be found here.

I have written a guide for running this interactive comet outreach activity yourself and I also have a printable recipe which you can use in your own lab or kitchen!

The Lives of the Stars:

For the 2011 Exploring Your Universe event, I designed and constructed an activity about the properties and lives of stars. A major component of this activity is an interactive Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, pictured below: HR Diagram