Professional Development Program


I was a 2008 and 2009 participant in the Professional Development program run by the Center for Adaptive Optics (Now run by the Institute for Scientist and Engineer Educators). In both years I attended a week-long workshop on the principles of inquiry-based learning, and then worked for several months with a small group of peers to develop and run a week-long program based around several, multi-day astronomy inquiry activities.

Po'okela - CFAO Astronomy Short Course

Maui Community College
June 23-27, 2008

Working Po'okela is a multi-week program designed for Native Hawaiian high school students. For this program, I and a small group of fellow graduate students developed a new inquiry activity into stellar populations from which high school students would gain an understanding of how the colors of stars relate to their other properties. More information on that activity can be found here. See also Rafelski et al. 2010, a conference proceedings describing the implementation of this activity in detail.