The National Astronomy Consortium Goals

The National Astronomy Consortium (NAC) is a program led by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) and Associated Universities Inc., (AUI) in partnership with the National Society of Black Physicists (NSBP), and a number of minority and majority universities to increase the numbers of students from underrepresented and underserved groups and those otherwise overlooked by the traditional academic pipeline into STEM or STEM-related careers.

NAC II Workshop, 2014

As the leader of the NAC in Socorro New Mexico, I developed a set of goals which informed the design of the summer program, and its elements, which included a weekly seminar, an emphasis on social activities, and numerous visiting speakers to serve as a representative set of role models for students.

Group Camping
Goals for Students:

Develop a peer group for continuing support and mentoring

Have a safe environment to ask questions and raise issues

Build a set of professional skills for a career in astronomy

Weekly Seminar
Goals for Mentors:

Be friendly, approachable, and available

Be a source of knowledge and support

Demystify astronomy as a career

Be a Role Model