Calendar of Summer 2015 Events

Week 0 meeting: 1-on-1 Skype with Betsy in preparation for summer (Survey, opportunity for students to ask questions, share concerns)

Group Camping

Week 1 meeting (June 2): E-mail introductions and summer goals.
Extracurricular outing: BBQ with graduate students
HW: Talk to your advisor about your research goals.

Week 2 meeting (June 9): Overview of summer plan, discussion of what makes a good student and a good advisor
Extracurricular outing: Dinner on the town!
HW: Discuss how to keep research notes or a journal with your advisor.

Week 3 meeting (June 16): Resources for minority students & health/ self-care
Extracurricular outing: Gym trip! (Monday)
HW: Research a scholarship/program to apply to. When can you apply? What do you need to do?

Week 4 meeting (June 23 ): Stereotype threat & role models
Extracurricular outing: Dinner at Betsy's (or another mentor's) to talk about life as an astronomer (travel! salaries! the good stuff!)
HW: Think about who your role models are, and e-mail one of them to tell them so!

Group Camping

Week 5 meeting (June 30): Career paths (Tania visiting)
Extracurricular Outing: Photo session, Dinner with Diversity speaker (Tania Burchell)
HW: Look at the jobs listed at a place you might want to work some day (e.g., NASA, Boeing, AAS Job register). What skills and experience are required?

Week 6 meeting (July 7): Giving talks: Constructing and delivering an effective talk
Extracurricular Outing: Dinner with diversity speaker (Aomawa Shields), Weekend road trip! (Santa Fe)
HW: Put together 1 slide on research so far

Week 7 meeting (July 14): Identity Salience/Identity Prominence (In-person guest: Laura Mayorga, NMSU)
Extracurricular outing: Dinner at Betsy's, for the Graduate school success talk (succeeding in school, and navigating graduate school applications)
HW: Think about who you would want to write reference letters for you, and what you want them to know about you.

Week 8 meeting (July 21): Impostor syndrome workshop
Extracurricular outing: Night trip to the VLA, Dinner with Diversity Speaker (Nick H.-W.)
HW: E-mail everyone in the group with a compliment.

Week 9 meeting (July 28): Diversity in STEM discussion (Skype Guest: Nicole Cabrera, GSU)
Extracurricular outing: End-of-summer Dinner and a Movie
HW: NAC Exit survey