Student Testimonials

Feedback from NAC students shows my success in meeting the program goals

"Since day one, I saw you doing an overwhelming amount of work for the program. The weekly meetings helped us feel distinguished from the other REUs and your goal was met. We all felt comfortable with each other and you made great contributions to makes us feel as scientists despite the unavoidable feeling of being the few underrepresented minority group from Socorro among the scientists at NRAO. You helped us open our minds to think about our future in science. you are a true example of how an advisor should be. Astronomers need more people like you. Thank you for all of your effort given in organizing this summer program."

"You are absolutely amazing ! At every available moment you had, you always made us feel welcomed by coordinating events, hosting get togethers at your apartment, and even just taking the time to just talk to us and answer any questions that we may have had. Your kindness and patience never wavered"

"I really appreciate what you have done for me personally and professionally while I was in Socorro. Coming back to my home institution has made me realize that my attitude has become more positive--and less anxious-- towards academia and my crazy schedule (21 credits!!!), and your mentoring in NAC has been important in developing these attitudes. What I'm trying to convey is a thanks for basically being superwoman for us."

"You are freaking superwoman! I have no idea how you did everything you did this summer.Not ONCE did you look at me with "the face" that students run from because they feel stupid. You were always welcoming to my questions and answered them in such a way that you taught me the answer instead of just telling me. In addition to what I learned this summer from doing the hands on research, I learned a lot from just sitting and listening to you explain things. You also did so in such a way that it was dumbed-down, but it never felt demeaning (like when you explained interferometry). You always brought great insight to the NAC meetings and the way you organized and ran the NAC was absolutely phenomenal. NAC meetings were my favorite part of the week! "